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Project in the Spotlight:
A Perfect Pairing - Basalite Shotcrete & Wine

Thanks to the unique weather and soil conditions present in the Okanagan Valley many wineries and vineyards are situated around the region. Among them the O’Rourke Family Vineyards stands out as one of the first to implement a tunnel system below the bedrock to house its wines.

The tunnels are situated on a 200-acre lot overlooking the water, and will be one of the highlights of the location. The first of its kind in Canada, it will house countless barrels and bottles of wine, and people will be able to walk through and enjoy the sights. Storing the wine in this natural area will provide the perfect temperature of around 15-16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year, along with perfect humidity.

Given that the tunnels will be in a natural rock formation, no significant installation of heating or cooling systems will be necessary. This will have major environmental advantages as no significant power will be required to keep the wines at the optimum temperature and humidity. Other planned attractions to the winery include a separate ballroom, concert area, and a library housed in the tunnels.

Learn more about the project.
Shooting the concrete/The finished Product

Employee in the Spotlight: Martha Fierro - Pacific Coast Companies, Inc. (PCCI)

Martha Fierro

Martha will soon celebrate 34 years of working at PCCI, with 25 of those years spent as executive assistant to the President, Dave Lucchetti. Martha's unsurpassed communication skills give her the ability to talk with everyone she comes into contact with. Her calming presence has been called into action several times over the years. When confronted with a situation, Martha always manages to calm the person down and get the situation handled to everyone's satisfaction.
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McCurley & Day Masonry and Basalite - A Fast Paced Relationship

Throughout their history and in spite of some name changes, they have built more than 700 buildings in California.

Notable projects include constructing 25 Walmarts throughout Northern California with the Walmart in Lodi, CA (130,000 block) in the top five largest Walmart structures in the USA, and the largest in California. Many more notable buildings include the Armory in Fresno (65,000 block), El Paseo Shopping Center (130,000 block) and Riverstone Development, (225,000 block over two phases). Currently their most notable project is the Elk Grove Aquatic Center which is a $30m facility. A $30-$40m Civic Center Phase 2 is next up and chances are, concrete masonry and Basalite Block will once again be a major architectural and structural part of that facility.

Learn more about McCurley & Day Masonry and Basalite.

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